What I Do

presence + reality – judgement = connection

Through small workshops, retreats and interactive speaking engagements, I show how we as individuals can grow and maintain a better corporate culture. By inviting people to rediscover their everyday lives as gifts to be shared with those around them, we all see each other better and teams work together better.

I create experiences for people to fall in love with their own lives again.

For non-profits organizations, creative professionals, small businesses, social entrepreneurs, and parents of all kinds, we’re all looking for the same thing — connection — to our local communities, our co-workers, an ideal client, a friend, parent or child. For all of life’s struggles, connection is the only real medicine we have.


“Kameron is the most compassionate man I’ve ever met. He sees people in an honest and genuine way that has so much compassion underneath.

“Wise and insightful too, Kameron will break you open in all the ways you didn’t even know you needed. He will help you become the person you secretly always wanted to be but haven’t said out loud yet.” 

“Kameron is amazing. Patient, kind, honest. But his best trait, by far, is his ability to listen.”

Stacy Ideus

 “Life after meeting Kameron is 10,000 times better — wait, no — it’s 10,001 times better! It was as if we were learning to read for the first time…”

Abbie & Matt Meyers

Common topics include:

  • understanding and investing in your unique group culture
  • interpersonal and systematic conflict resolution
  • seeing yourself and others through the lens of the enneagram
  • identify and remove judgments & complaints blocking freedom, trust & joy
  • embracing simplicity in an increasingly complex world
  • exploring the vital role of imagination in spiritual health

Reach out and introduce yourself. Let’s start a conversation to find out if I’d be a good fit for your organization, conference or event.