My name is Kameron.

I’m an observer of life and have the gift of focus. I can get lost for hours in a song, an amazing conversation, a great book, or a simple sunset. I have an education in philosophy, theology, interpersonal communication, conflict resolution, graphic design, and photography.

Life is a gift. I help people open it.

Threads of art, education, and parenthood can be found running throughout everything I do. I homeschool my kids and create experiences to help people fall in love with life again. Here I write about the inner life and how it shapes our personal and shared public realities. And if you haven’t noticed, I love — I’m talking to the moon and back again — love a good quote!

Occasionally, I still produce still/motion photography projects at kameronbayneimages.com. Awhile back I taught workshops with fotoseeds.com and helped photographers around the globe #createsustainably. Maybe someday, I’ll finish writing a book.