My name is Kameron.

I’m an observer of life and have the gift of focus. I can get lost for hours in a song, an amazing conversation, a great book, or a simple sunset. I have an education in philosophy, theology, interpersonal communication, conflict resolution, graphic design, and photography.

Life is a gift. My work is helping people open it.

Whether it be amazing or hard or painful, life is always about receiving what’s been given to us and courageously working through it. Every day is an opportunity to relearn this fundamental truth. Here, I’m writing about the inner world and how it shapes our personal and shared public realities, and to be honest, probably building a small library of my favorite quotes.

Threads of creativity, education, and parenthood can be found running throughout everything I do. Currently, I’m homeschooling my kids and creating experiences to help people fall in love with life again.

Occasionally, I still produce still/motion photography projects at kameronbayneimages.com. Awhile back I taught workshops with fotoseeds.com and helped photographers around the globe #createsustainably.

Somewhere deep inside me, there is a book I’m slowly learning how to get out into the world.