My name is Kameron.

I’m an observer of life and have the gift of focus. I’m the father of two wild and warm-hearted boys. My education is in philosophy, theology, interpersonal communication, conflict mediation and resolution, graphic design, video and photography. Currently, I homeschool my kids and am preparing for the next chapter of life, which is still largely unknown. But like a Polaroid slowly developing, a couple things becoming clear.

Threads of creativity, real-world learning, and parenthood run throughout everything I do.

Occasionally, I develop still/motion photography projects at kameronbayneimages.com. Awhile back I taught a few workshops with FotoSeeds and helped photographers around the globe #createsustainably.

Life is a gift. My work is helping people open it.

Whether it be amazing or hard or painful, life is always about receiving what’s been given to us and courageously working through it. Every day is an opportunity to relearn this fundamental truth and grow in sobriety, vitality and hard-earned wisdom.