Better Angels Omaha
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Better Angels Omaha

Politics is infiltrating almost every corner of our lives, but talking about it is becoming more strained, aggressive, and even dangerous. How can we live with our neighbors if we don’t have any common ground? How can we find common ground with each other if we don’t understand one another? And how can we understand each other if we never dare to talk to anyone different from ourselves?


With Better Angels, there is no agenda to change anyone’s mind. It’s a nonpartisan, not-for-profit organization run by volunteers dedicated to help de-polarize the explosive and divisive political discourse of today. The only goal is just to get people with real differences into the same room and provide tools to help everyone interact with one another respectfully.


Currently, I’m helping Chad Williams get the local Omaha chapter off the ground, running various evening, day-long, and weekend workshops. Together, we want to create more public spaces where we can talk more honesty, respectfully and meaningfully about politics. Visit the Better Angels Omaha Facebook page for details on upcoming events.


Workshops & Retreats