Everything Starts and Ends with Connection…

Connection touches everything in between and beyond three universal spheres of life. Everyone deals with parenthood (either as parents ourselves or by those who raised us), the culture we find ourselves within, and whether or not we have a sense of faith, meaning or purpose for our life.

Each sphere (as seen in the vinn diagram) speaks to a distinct yet interdependent piece of our existential development. We cannot escape life without deciding how to answer the following three questions (in italics)…


not everyone is a parent, but we all are given a template of worth and identity set by those who raise us… who am I?


the operating and often unsubstantiated assumptions hidden in the air we breathe…
where am I? 


the process of constructing, deconstructing, and reconstructing meaning and purpose…
where am I going? 

These are the topics I explore here. Below is a list of blog post categories and alternative resources for your convenience.

Table of Site Contents

  • Art & Beauty. inspiring awe, wonder, and imagination found in art and beauty
  • Communication. learning about the process of communication itself
  • Culture. excavating the operating assumptions hidden within our culture
  • Love & Faith. discovering greater purpose and meaning here and now
  • Reflections. random thoughts and incomplete critiques
  • Parenthood. growing in the pains and joys of raising another human being